We aren’t scared to Live


It’s been a really tough week and a half for the People of France and just a few days ago, the people of Mali were attacked and the story continues for the people of Syria , Nigeria and every other Nation being attacked by terrorists.

I watched with disbelief the reactions from some politicians around the world who play into the ideology of these evil people. The fear to live and lack of trust and respect for humanity, discrimination against religion and killing of innocent souls. That is the propaganda of these terrorists and they are succeeding in making the rest of the world join them by isolating Islam as the culprit.

The refugees of Syria will automatically be on the wrong end of this and many will die due to the violence in that region and the terrorists will win. I’m all for properly vetting refugees before allowing them to cross the border ,to prevent the evil ones from disguising as refugees .However, others have called on Countries to stop accepting them due to fear but these people need our urgent help.

I’m no muslim myself, but I know  this can’t be  what the religion is about and hope the world can unite to fight terrorism together. I hope the Muslim community can step up and reach-out to the rest of the World with the message of peace ,distinguishing themselves from these fools.

I watched a politician say “how can we fight people who aren’t afraid to die”? The answer is  we show them we aren’t afraid to live. We aren’t afraid to embrace each other irrespective of our religions, we stand together and we will find all of you and end this ideology.

I pray for the souls of all victims of terrorism  in the World and hope that their families find comfort, peace and love from all of us.


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