Super Saturday

Super Saturday? Depends on who you are talking to, A madrid fan would  try to forget that 90mins of whitewash by the fierce rival Barcelona.  A game dominated from start by the catalans, sticking to their game plan of moving the ball quickly and finding spaces behind the Madrid attack.

Benitez attempt to match the tempo by forcing his team to press high up the field  only created spaces the likes of Iniesta and Neymar needed to operate and bring the Bernabeu to their biggest defeat at home to Barca since 2009.

The question remains, is Benitez the right man to restore Madrid as Champions of Spain? The result definitely doesn’t help the manager and his status at the club could be under review soon.

Elsewhere, Liverpool were at the Etihad stadium running riot of their host. It was a masterclass from Jurgen Klopp’s team who have left with maximum points from Chelsea and Mancity . A few weeks ago after the defeat to Crystal Palace, Klopp felt alone while the fans stormed out of the stadium but the only person feeling alone this weekend was Raheem Sterling whose performance was quiet poor against his old teammates.

In order news, Chelsea managed to win the El Relegato clash with Norwich by a single goal from bad boy Dieogo Coasta.


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