Let’s get enlightened people

Are you an immigrant? Are you a “dark-skinned” or “light-skinned” immigrant? Have you grown up or lived most of your life in a western nation? Are you a human being? If you can classify yourself or identify as any or all of these things, there is something here for you.

I put together a list of questions immigrants get asked by their friends, colleagues and even strangers just striking a conversation. It’s no longer acceptable to claim ignorance at this internet age with everyone equipped with a smart phone. You can just ask google before that next statement or question. Feel free to add more questions foreigners ask that make you scratch your heads. We are all culpable, let’s get enlightened people 🙂

1. Your English is good. How long did it take you to learn when you got here?

· As a matter of fact English is my first language. While it is very possible that someone may have had to learn English upon their immigration, it is ignorant to assume English is only spoke in western countries

2. Do you live in huts and caves?

.Not everything you see on television is true unfortunately

3. I have a friend from your country, his name is X. Do you know him?

· Contrary to popular belief, not every black person you see or know is related to one another

4. How did you get here?

· Have you ever travelled before or do you know someone who has travelled? Then I think you know

5. You have an accent

· So do you. Even in the same country people have different accents so why do you have to state the obvious

6. Do you see Lions and Elephants on your streets?

· This question isn’t even worthy of an answer.

7. You’re from Africa? But you’re white

· We know this information generally isn’t publicized, but yes there are white people who are African

You may be someone who has gotten asked any or all of these questions, or you may in fact have been the interrogator, this is not meant to offend anyone but simply to bring light to a reoccurring issue. reasoningoutloud.com


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