Fresh off the boat: Episode 1

Upon my arrival in Canada during the winter  season, I was scared out of my mind. Not only was I halfway around the world but the weather was ridiculously cold . My next thought was to flee back home. I had an instant headache from the cold and didn’t think I could survive. My friend Cindy on the other hand, was so excited to be in Canada and the cold seemed to have no effect on her. She boasted “my aboniki balm (really hot herbal African balm) is stronger than that jacket of yours”. I could feel the heat radiating all around her, anywhere she stepped her foot automatically felt warmer. She must have had an aboniki shower or something before we got on that plane, but Cindy would of course never admit to this story.

It’s all good – Back to my story, I had compiled a list of everything that was different like people smiling at you on the street for no reason, everyone my age referring to the elderly by their first names and the food, I couldn’t eat anything, I just wanted my Nigerian jollof rice. My friend John introduced me to a Chinese restaurant (Fancy Feast) down the road and I was so excited because I knew there would definitely be some rice there for me to indulge in.  On another note, I’m sure you guys who immigrated here have all had at least one of those friends who automatically became Canadian once they stepped off of that plane. John was no different, he seemed to be adjusting faster to life in Canada by the second and somehow picked up a Canadian accent at the Pearson International Airport  as soon as we landed. Till this day I still cannot fathom it.

Anyway we spent a lot of time at Fancy Feast, and as we all know they always provide you with a fortune cookie to complete each meal at practically every Chinese restaurant. I of course always ate my cookie, I mean who doesn’t like cookies. I opened the little bag, grabbed my fortune cookie and just threw it in my mouth like it was the last piece of meat on the plate. Every time John and I visited the restaurant, I always got something with rice in it because that was a staple that I was familiar with and then finished it off with my cookie.

I remember once we went out for a friends’ birthday dinner ‘Segun’ and the dinner also happened to be at Fancy Feast. Everyone got their meals and before we left, the waiter brought over the cookies just like they do on every occasion. Only this time I saw everyone opening their fortune cookie and reading it, and only at that moment did it dawn on me that I had been eating the paper containing the fortune this whole time.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Episode 2 guys! =)

Also please feel free to share any thoughts or experiences you may have had as a newcomer to a different country in the comments as well, I’m sure we all have something that cracked us up at some point. If you would like to send in your own post and have it featured on the blog, don’t hesitate to email me at and I’ll be sure to share it.
Till next time, remain blessed.

boat 1

5 thoughts on “Fresh off the boat: Episode 1

  1. LMAO! you are such a clown! I totally lost it when you u realized u had been eating the paper in the fortune cookie.
    you need to post episode 2 ASAP!


  2. Lol….. I wondered in the beginning what was happening to the fortune inside….. Alas you had been eating it hahahaha


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