It’s always easier for us to give up when we are faced with hardship in life. For the average person this could be money problems, relationship issues, battling through school or work related stress. We may find ourselves experiencing one or even all of these at any point in time,  and what do we usually do about it?

For the majority of us we have two options: either we give up on our goals or we can give it our best. Using the analogy of sports as an example, I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this, as a fan I expect my team to give their all every time they step out against the opposition. Sometimes, it’s obvious that we are the underdogs when it comes to certain games but I still hope for an upset. The expectations I have for my teams are very high and I ask myself how I can apply the same in my daily life. This means going into every challenge with a positive mindset and expecting to achieve my goals.

Some of you may be familiar with the team Arsenal who play in the English Premier League. For those soccer fans out there, you may recall the “Invincibles” of the 03-04 season. Arsenal went 49 games unbeaten, winning 36 and drawing 13.  That was an unbelievable feat to accomplish in the EPL. They fought and came back continuously to win or tie games, gaining more confidence with every win and learning from the games they tied. I ask myself how many times do I give up on the first setback to my plan? I get too upset to learn from it and simply set new goals without properly evaluating why I failed in the first place.

Staying focused doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t lose a few battles, that is part of life. We can’t win every race or climb every mountain, there is always going to be someone or something that comes along who may topple you from that high point. With all that said, the only way to keep moving forward is giving everything I have and building on my successes while learning from the setbacks in order to achieve my future goals.

As the year comes to an end and everyone starts making their New Year’s resolutions, mine is simply to give every situation or goal my absolute best and stay UNDEFEATED.

Remain Blessed!

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