Fresh off the boat: Episode 2

As a new international student, adjusting to life in Canada got easier each day, I had firsthand knowledge that Canadians were truly one of the nicest people in the world. I started making more friends on my residence and in class. I met this girl named Jen in my Calculus class and we started studying a lot together. I couldn’t figure out if it was our love for Calculus or we just liked hanging out because we only studied for about 10% of the time.

I remember it was after our Friday quiz, I was about to text my friends for our usual weekend “Pro evolution tournament” on the Playstation 2 (yes i know, seems like ages ago)  when Jen asked what my plans were for the weekend. Too embarrassed to mention my video game tournament , I simply said no plans. She asked if I wanted to hang out that night and I was open to it. We later agreed to go out for dinner on Saturday night. Jen had a car but she wanted me to pick her up since it was a date. I was too excited to care about the cab fare so I got dressed and asked John how I looked about a million times. John was so jealous I was going on a date before him, he was always showing off to girls on his Hi 5, Myspace and Facebook pages. He had so many poking relationships on Facebook, I’m sure you guys remember what those were like back in the day.

I picked Jen up in my nice Yellow Cab, we headed to Moxie’s and had a very lovely evening. She was laughing at every joke and we held hands and stared into each other’s eyes, the voice in my head was going “You’re the man, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice” I was already planning the next date in my head and of course that would be at Fancy Feast.

Sadly, my mood changed quickly after I got the bill, looking at Jen I smiled and said “I got this”. Opened it and saw the bill was $65. My brain converted it to Naira (Nigerian Currency) which came out to #9,750 Naira, plus the $18 cab fare coming here was another #2,700 Naira. I spent another $12 on cab fare to get to her house after dinner. At that point I decided that was all I could afford on this date, so I decided I would walk 20 minutes home in the cold.  Jen was worried about me but I told her taking walks in the cold helps me adjust to the weather -_-. Jen was so excited about the previous night and called the next day to tell me how she couldn’t wait for the next date. John helped me draft a statement on how I needed to focus more on other subjects and although I enjoyed our date, we should only see each other in the Math lab going forward. I could not bare to spend over #14,000 Naira on one evening anymore.
Remain Blessed

boat 1

4 thoughts on “Fresh off the boat: Episode 2

  1. Hahaha. Didn’t we all suffer from that dollar naira conversion in our head before purchasing anything? Lol
    Fun times with loads of memories


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